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Displaced Designer » Credits

In creating this site and supporting this initiative, AIGA and Chopping Block have worked with hundreds of individuals who have made contributions.

We’d like to name a few names. Behind many of these people and firms are entire teams; there are also many whom will have been inadvertently omitted. Their contributions are acknowledged here as well, even if their names do not appear. Thank you.

Aabalone Red, AIGA, Michael Bierut, Thiago Demello Bueno, Chopping Block, AIGA, David Gibson, Bill Grant, Geoff Halber, Jessica Helfand, Steve Heller, Marshall Jones, Elizabeth Law, Doug Lloyd, Suzan Matherne, Chandler McWilliams, Jaye Parrish, Pentagram, Rick Poynor, Todd Pruzan, Terry Stone, Armin Vit, Alissa Walker, Kenneth White, Alec Wiggin, Gail Wiggin, Winterhouse.

List very much in formation and very incomplete.