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Displaced Designer Helping designers affected by hurricane katrina get back on their feet. 2008-09-15T04:05:33Z Copyright 2008 WordPress Matthew <![CDATA[2008 Hurricane Season]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/?p=39 2008-09-15T04:05:03Z 2008-09-15T04:05:03Z Site News If you or somebody you know is in need of help as a result of storm related destruction in the Texas and Gulf Coast region, please let us know. If you are in a position to help others, please make a post. We work together to make this work.

Administrator <![CDATA[Degrees of Seperation]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/?p=38 2007-03-08T06:43:52Z 2007-03-08T06:43:52Z Forces For Good Like all of you, this is a force for good:

Degrees of Separation is a postcard publication about post-Katrina responses from designers with a connection to New Orleans. It looks beautiful, it a great cause… you should order - we just did!

Liz <![CDATA[Veer Issues Special Edition T-shirt to Raise Funds for Hurricane Victims]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2006/01/18/veer-issues-special-edition-t-shirt-to-raise-funds-for-hurricane-victims/ 2006-01-18T21:26:34Z 2006-01-18T21:26:34Z Site News Forces For Good In November 2005, Veer, a provider of visual elements and design-related products to the creative community, released of a special edition Creative Care T-shirt to help raise funds for hurricane victims in the United States. Veer is pleased to present the AIGA Disaster Relief Fund with the enclosed check.

The T-shirt features the word “Creatives Care” hand-lettered by Marian Bantjes, who donated the design for this cause. Profits from the Creatives Care campaign have been divided between the AIGA’s Disaster Relief Fund and the American Red Cross. The T-shirt sells for $22 USD and is available at: veer.com/care.

This T-shirt is a small way for Veer to help bring the design community together. Veer reaches hundreds of thousands of design professionals through our monthly catalogs and other communications - we thought we could use this reach to help. >From this campaign, we’ve seen that great things can heppen when the design community is beckoned.

Yours truly,
Marla Clarke

Liz <![CDATA[$1,000 donation from Wert & Company, Inc.]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2006/01/18/1000-donation-from-wert-company-inc/ 2006-01-18T19:42:41Z 2006-01-18T19:42:41Z Site News Jeff and Judy Wert from Wert & Company, Inc. have made a $1,000 contribution to the AIGA Disaster Relief Fund. Thank you for your generosity!

Liz <![CDATA[Thanks to Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation!]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2006/01/18/thanks-to-berkshire-taconic-community-foundation/ 2006-01-18T19:39:55Z 2006-01-18T19:39:55Z Site News Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation has made a generous contribution to the AIGA Disaster Relief Fund. Thanks for your donation!

Liz <![CDATA[Thanks to Buckingham Partners, LLC!]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2006/01/18/thanks-to-buckingham-partners-llc/ 2006-01-18T19:37:32Z 2006-01-18T19:37:32Z Site News AIGA Disaster Relief Fund just received a generous donation from Buckingham Partners, LLC. Thank you!

Liz <![CDATA[Smaller Helpers]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2005/11/15/smaller-helpers/ 2005-11-15T18:27:49Z 2005-11-15T18:27:49Z Site News Forces For Good An article in the New York Times yesterday, “Smaller Helpers,” describes how “many smaller groups are collecting donations to help hurricane victims.” The article mentions Displaced Designer as one of the first groups.

Liz <![CDATA[Story from Jaye]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2005/11/07/story-from-jaye/ 2005-11-07T18:20:08Z 2005-11-07T18:20:08Z Success Stories I wanted to extend a special thank you to everyone with AIGA and displaceddesigner.com who helped get me to the AIGA Design Conference, provided me with that \”room with a view\” and introduced me to so many other wonderful members/designers. Not only was the conference most stimulating and educational; it was an inspiration to those of us who had been affected by Katrina but were fortunate enough to be able to attend this conference, to continue to develop our own skills and become better advocates for design excellence and our communities despite hardship.

Before Katrina hit, I had a small independent design studio in New Orleans. Business was doing quite well, so I never took the time to put together an online portfolio or worry about marketing myself. After disaster hit however, that situation changed dramatically, as many of my clients were thrown into a situation of uncertainty themselves, possibly never reopening and unable to pay what they owed already.

None of us knew what would happen. Everything just stopped.

I was displaced with only a portfolio and a laptop, but needed to rebuild a business with new clients not affected by the disaster. With no online portfolio and no extra samples of work to send out, I knew this would be a challenge. However, a design team in the northeast who I met via displaced designer and the AIGA conference, came to my rescue offering to take my portfolio, scan in some of the work and post a small website displaying it. I am nevertheless especially grateful for all the generosity I received and the new friends made. I still plan on working with those New Orleans clients who are reopening, but now I also have the opportunity for a new start with work coming in from as far away as California and New York. I will be returning to New Orleans at the end of this week more than 2 months after I left it, and though there is much trepidation in returning to a city so critically injured, unsure of exactly what we will find, I have a new found desire to continue painting and designing.

Thanks much - I’ll be forever grateful!

Matthew <![CDATA[Putting Things Back Together Again]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/?p=29 2005-11-04T06:32:53Z 2005-11-04T06:32:53Z Forces For Good

Not too long ago we heard from our good friend Ness, one of the many designers affected by the hurricane season. He sent along a link to this set of images he had taken upon making his way back into New Orleans. We have seen a lot of images like this in the last few months, the thing to remember here is that a lot of this still looks the same today.

It’s been a while, and we have heard from many of you, however lots of folks still could use a bit of help.

Liz <![CDATA[Story from Kristi Peters]]> http://www.displaceddesigner.com/2005/11/01/story-from-kristi-peters/ 2005-11-01T17:31:39Z 2005-11-01T17:31:39Z Success Stories Thank you so much for putting this website together. I had a very nice woman by the name of Lynne email me and offer up an extra CD burner that she had. It arrived safely and I have been burning CDs for clients as far away as New York. Thanks Lynne!

I also want to thank my software provider for upgrading my software. My original CDs and manuals are all at the bottom of my studio in a wet heap, and they sent me the latest and greatest, when all I requested was what I had.

Thanks bunches!